The Chamber meets  the 4th Tuesday of February, April, September and November at 6PM at the Friesland Village Hall, Friesland , WI  


Our chamber officers are:

President    Sandy Witthun

   W3736 County Line Rd, Cambria WI  53923       920-348-5641

Vice President   Gena Kok

    W1244 Flat Meadow Drive, Cambria WI  53923    920-344-0263

Secretary  Joanne Vaughan

  N8610 Dearborn RD, Westfield, WI 53964     920-296-2452

Treasurer       JoAnn Wingers 

    W2043 Cty Hwy A, Randolph, WI  53956            920-348-5837

Board Members    

                                     Steve Oosterhouse 

                                     169 Stark Street, Randolph, WI 53956     920-326-5032


                                    Francine WeatherWax

                                    805 Park Avenue, Beaver Dam, WI 53916  920-356-6758


                                     Heidi Randall

                                     Alsum Produce, Friesland WI 53935     920-348-5127



If interested in joining our Chamber of Commerce, you may contact any of the above officers.


Our next Scheduled meeting will be held on Tuesday June 19 at 6:00 pm at Farmers and Merchants Union Bank, Friesland. Agenda

Cambria-Friesland Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 143 * Cambria, Wisconsin 53923 *


       We welcome new members!


General Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

6:00 p.m.

Location:  Farmers and Merchants Union Bank, Friesland

Call to Order

Approve Agenda

Roll Call

Approve Minutes and Secretary’s Report

Treasurer’s Report and approval

Old Business:

  1. A.      501C6 Status –Steve Oosterhouse
  2. B.      Park Days Parade-Gena Kok
  3. C.      Website- Billie Jo Brusveen
  4. D.      Marketing Brochure- Billie Jo Brusveen
  5. E.       Directors and Officers liability-Steve Oosterhouse

New Business:

  1. A.      Nominate new board member (Francine Weatherwax resignation)



              Meetings are 4th Tuesday of February, April, September, and November at 6pm unless otherwise scheduled at Friesland Village Hall in Friesland Wisconsin.