The Chamber meets  the 4th Tuesday of February, April, September and November at 6PM at Pride Originals 106 W Edgewater St Cambria, WI  920-348-6090.


Our chamber officers are:

President    Sandy Witthun

   W3736 County Line Rd, Cambria WI  53923       920-348-5641

Vice President   Gena Kok

    W1244 Flat Meadow Drive, Cambria WI  53923    920-344-0263

Secretary  Joanne Vaughan

  N8610 Dearborn RD, Westfield, WI 53964     920-296-2452

Treasurer       JoAnn Wingers 

    W2043 Cty Hwy A, Randolph, WI  53956            920-348-5837

Board Members    

                                     Steve Oosterhouse          

                                     Francine Weatherwax

                                     Bill and Sharon McCormick 


If intererested in joining our Chamber of Commerce, you may contact any of the above or Enos Bontrager at 106 W Edgewater St Cambria, WI  920-348-6090


Our next chamber meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Friesland Village Hall in Friesland